Cheap Wooden Futon Sets

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Cheap wooden futon sets aren’t really cheap at all! Many of these futon sets include high quality splinter free hardwoods, premium finishes, and long warrantees. We’ll talk about two of the most popular cheap wooden futon sets and show you how to make them your own.

Cheap Wooden Futon Sets: Mission

The Mission futon set is made from American grown Poplar hardwood and crafted into rock-solid futon frames in Athens, Georgia. The Mission futon qualifies as a cheap wooden futon frame, but the 5 year manufacturers warrantee and near damage-proof packaging say otherwise. Futon customers are generally very pleased with the Mission futon set, and many choose to personalize their Mission futon frame with paint or stain to match their decor.

If you don’t feel up to painting or staining your Mission futon frame, you’re in good company! Most futon customers choose to keep the natural unfinished look of their Mission futon frame, as the rustic Southwest feel is much more than you’de expect from a cheap wooden futon set.

Cheap Wooden Futon Sets: Eureka

The Eureka futon set offers you an armless space saving futon available in three premium finishes. The Eureka is covered by a 5 year warranty and adjusts to three comfortable positions: upright, recline, and bed. This cheap wooden futon frame offers you a design that fits perfectly into small guestrooms and dorm rooms. No matter which wood futon frame you choose, you’ll be the only one who knows how good of a deal you got on it!

Otis Haley Futon Mattress

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An Otis Haley futon mattress is specially designed to offer you optimal comfort while sitting or sleeping. Offered in three distinct firmnesses, each Otis Haley futon mattress contains a proprietary portion of high density foam and polyester that provides you with smooth and consistent support every night.

Which Otis Haley Futon Mattress is Right for You?

The Otis Haley futon mattress comes in three different variations. The Haley 150 futon mattress is one of the firmest futon mattresses on the market. So firm, that this futon mattress practically refuses to bend into a futon sofa shape. This wouldn’t faze a platform bed owner, but if you are planning to use a bi-fold futon frame, you’d be best served to scratch the Haley 150 off your list.

The Haley 110 is medium firm, and one of the best futon mattresses to be found anywhere. These futon mattresses feature over 14″ of high quality foam and polyester stuffed into an 8″ casing. Because of this, you should probably look into Otis’ Magi Grip to help hold your futon in place. Without it, you may be struggling with your Haley futon mattress for the first few weeks as it continually slides down your futon frame.

The Haley 90 futon mattress offers you the same durability thickness of the other Otis Haley futon mattresses with a softer feel for those who prefer a more cushion-like experience. The Haley 90 is often overlooked due to its deceptive name; it is every bit as comfortable and durable as its 110 and 150 brethren. No matter which Otis Haley futon mattress you choose, you can be sure that it will change your perception on the style and comfort of futon mattresses.

Brown Leather Futon Cover

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Brown Leather Futon Cover

Brown leather futon covers are in high demand this autumn. Much to the dismay of many, genuine leather futon covers are generally impossible to find. Futon Magazine would like to take the time to explain why leather makes a poor material for futon covers and to view a bevy of brown leather futon cover look-alikes.

Who makes Genuine Leather Futon Covers?

Currently, the only genuine leather product is a “patchwork” leather futon cover. These futon covers are sewn together from many small pieces of leather, most of them no larger than a sheet of loose leaf paper. Also, all of these leathers are split, corrected, and dyed, meaning that the high quality top grain look that most people associate with leather isn’t available. Furthermore, there are no brown leather futon covers available, only artificial shades of black, maroon, and green. This product is being carried less and less by futon manufacturers due to its expense, the general negative customer reaction, and the immense weight associated with a genuine leather futon cover.

The added weight of a leather futon cover, in addition to its relative rididity, makes it a poor choice for a futon cover. These two aspects make the futon heavier, harder to convert, and less comfortable to sleep on. Also, due to the poor quality of genuine leather futon covers, they retain body heat. This comes as a shock to futon customers who expect qualities similar to top grain leather. Furthermore, the non-breathable nature of a brown leather futon cover makes it very unhealthy for your futon mattress, which needs a certian level of circulation to avoid clumping together and developing pits and hard spots.

Leather Like Futon Covers

A far superior alternative to a genuine leather futon cover is a leather like futon cover. These amazing futon covers are generally made of vinyl and wipe clean from even the messiest stains. Unline genuine brown leather futon covers, a leather like futon cover needs no conditioning and is soft to the touch right out of the box, no break-in period required. Many of these leather-like futon covers will fool most, as their patterns flawlessly simulate corrected leather in appearance and texture. Visit your local futon store to learn more about faux brown leather futon covers!

Virtual Room Planner

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A virtual room planner is a vital tool for anyone trying to make a multi-functional living space. Let’s face it, if you’re in the market for a futon, you are either crunched for space or desiring a versatile room that can convert from living room to bedroom and retain the conveniences of both. Using a virtual room planner will allow you to decide the right size of furniture, as well as the best positioning of your futon.

Why Use a Virtual Room Planner?

A virtual room planner is very useful for futon buyers, as it allows you to visualize the amount of space taken up by your futon in the bed and sofa positions. This is crucial, as you’ll want to be sure that the futon can be opened and used easily.

Use a virtual room planner to verify the following:

  • Make sure that the futon has enough room to extend into bed position. For a full size futon, this is about 78″ of depth. If your virtual room planner allows you to resize a sofa, change the depth to about 54″ to simulate an opened futon (the last 24″ are leg space).
  • If your futon requires you to convert it from bed to sofa from the side, allow yourself at least 2 feet of clearance on one side to do so. If your futon is going into a corner, you may want to use a matching end table to create a balanced look.
  • If furniture like end tables or coffee tables must be moved, use a virtual room planner to be sure that they have a space in the same room that is logical and useful. This will create a more inviting feeling.

Best Virtual Room Planners

The following virtual room planners are the easiest to use and we think are the best for home decorators.

HGTV Virtual Room Planner

This virtual room planner offers you simple controls and a handy snap-to system, but lacks a professional grade printing option and the ability to save.

The HGTV virtual room planner has a very simple interface and a lot of easy to configure options. While there is no rendering option, the top down view gives you everything you need to create an award winning design. Clicking on the menu to the left changes what clicking on the room view does, and your design will probably turn out the best if you resize the four walls they provide you, and then insert doors and windows as needed from their “Structural Items” menu. Also be sure to right click on any items on the floorplan of your virtual room planner to discover some nifty options that really allow you to customize your floorplan.

Lay-Z-Boy Virtual Room Planner

This virtual room planner benefits from a beautiful interface and amazing save and print options, but may require precision mousework.

While it might not have been the first place you looked, the virtual room planner by Lay-Z-Boy furniture is much easier to use and has a slick interface that makes it very fun to use. We recommend using the “generic” furniture tab to build your room. The technology behind this tool is very advanced and prints much larger pictures than the HGTV virtual room planner, however resizing, building in additional walls, and rotating objects can be difficult as the furniture does not automatically snap into place. If you use the blue “I” button attached to each element, you’ll find that you can manually type in size and rotation, similar the the HGTV room planner’s right click menu.

Both of these virtual room planners have what you need to create a winning design that compliments the dimensions of your futon.

Dorm Furnature

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Dorm Furnature

Dorm furnature is a humorous search performed by thousands of college students every year. Over the course of their studies, the considerable amount of English language coursework ahead of them will surely illuminate them to their spelling faux pas. The good news is, if these would-be collegate scholars were on a mission to find comfy dorm furniture”>, Futon Magazine has the inside line on the best(and the worst)college picks.

Dorm Furnature for Sleeping

If you’re looking to send your daughter or son off to university, it is crucial that they get the best quality of sleep possible. Late study nights and unfamiliar surroundings can make a comfortable 8 hours of sleep an improbable event. Try to find a futon mattress that is comfy for sleeping and sitting, with an emphasis on higher quality materials. Dorm furnature futons are generally 8″ in thickness and use plenty of high-density foam. This makes the mattress both more comfortable and more durable, unlike cheap store-bought futons that measure out to a lumpy 4″ thickness.

If the budget is tight, shoot for the cheapest all-wood futon frame you can find and the nicest futon mattress in the budget. Because the futon mattress can be used on a platform bed later on in life, a high quality futon is a long-lasting improvement on your son or daughter’s quality of living.

Dorm Furnature for Studying

Uncomfortable surroundings are a common distraction from studying. Because of this, you should ensure that you child’s dorm furnature is responsive to a studying environment. Futon frames with extending tray arms are an amazing addition if space allows. Commonly, college students are struggling to transcribe important details from text-books and lecture notes into a concise study guide, only to find their desk too uncomfortable and their bed unsupportive. This amazing piece of dorm furnature bridges the gap between both, making it a welcome addition to any study space.

Futons with Loft Beds

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Futons with Loft Beds

Many futon shoppers are looking for futons with loft beds, or futon bunk beds. This innovative approach to saving space in a child’s room actually performs as a regular futon bed with the added benefit of a twin size bunk bed.

This offers you child a comfy futon sofa that makes playtime a joy. Best of all, this piece of furniture appeals to children of all ages, as the sofa is a great place for watching movies and playing video games as well! The upper bunk serves as a refuge from the imaginative but messy playtime activities that occur in your child’s room on a daily basis.

Full Size Loft Futons

This futon with loft uses the same metal body and hinge found on standard futon frames.

Full size loft futons typically use the standard metal futon hinge found on bargain basement futons across the country. This means that most full size loft futons will suffer the same durability weaknesses that metal futon frames experience. Also, a relatively high percentage of these futons with loft beds are damaged in transit due to their large size and heavy weight. As such, many responsible futon retailers do not sell these frames to Internet customers.

Your best bet when selecting a futon bed with loft is to choose a local company that covers the bed with an exceptional warranty. This way you can ensure that the futon with loft bed will arrive to your home as expected and is guaranteed to last until your child is grown.

How does a Wall Hugger Futon Work?

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Wall Hugger futons are one of the more popular futon frames on the market. Popularized by the Strata Furniture Carriage Collection, wall hugger futon frames have the distinct ability to change from sofa to bed without marring your living room wall. This creates a classy feel and convenient operation, as well as a practical space saving design.

Operating a Wall Hugger Futon Frame

Wall hugger futon frames lay down without scratching the back wall. An inventive leg extends from the main body section to provide additional support to the mattress section. An elastic band holds the leg against the wall-hugger to ensure consistent, rigid contact. To put the frame back into the sofa position, simply lift the seat portion and push the legs back into the sofa position. The legs actually work as a brace to keep the wall hugger futon in the sofa position, so it’s important to push them in all the way.

How Durable are Wall Hugger Futon Frames?

Wall hugger futon frames have been given a reputation of unreliability. This misconception is due in part to the difference in operation from a standard futon. The operation requires that you push the legs all the way in to convert from a bed to a sofa. If the operator forgets to push the legs in or only pushes them in partially, the entire weight of the futon frame will be placed on a small area that will likely fail. To this effect, most manufacturers put large reminder stickers on the underside of the legs to help you remember the correct method to convert the futon frame.