Futons withstand economic downturn through 2010

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Thanks to new innovations in futons and futon technology, there are many new styles available that shoppers will be interested in learning about. Some of the latest futons to hit the market include new models made by Strata Furniture. Strata makes futons which have special wall hugging features that do not require their futons to be moved a significant distance from the wall.

These types of futons are ideal for those using their futons daily as well as others who prefer ease and quality over budget. Futons made by Strata do not require you to slide your futon along the floor and away from the wall each time you want to convert your futon into a bed. Instead, the utilize a brilliant design that allows their futons to be extended outward while keeping the legs of the futon stationary.

Other exciting models have continued to stand the test of time regarding fashion. One example comes from a reputable company that has been in business for some time. Night and Day Furniture, a company based in Vancouver, Washington, makes a truly unique two-toned futon called the Aurora. Other pleasing futons in their line include the Twilight, the Nightfall futon and the Orchid futons.

A giant among futon manufacturers, Lifestyle Solutions provides tremendous variety and solid quality throughout their various price points. Their futons include innovative models such as the Dio futon, the Manila futonand the Kobe futon.

As the economy continues to adjust, hopefully pulling itself up by its bootstraps, there will likely be a slew of new futon designs to hit the market. In the meantime, futons continue to be a logical choice for those who need multi-purpose furniture. One reputable dealer of futons claims that 35% of their in-store futon sales are made by those putting their futons in family rooms, another 35% go into guest rooms, 25% go into bedrooms, and the remaining percentage of futons sold occupy other spaces within the home or office.

“We’ve seen huge fluctuations in business over the past couple of years,” says Gabe LeBlanc of Futon Planet. “Still, futons are great products that occupy an important niche, and while people have smaller budgets, they are still finding futons to suite their needs at a price they can afford.”

Cheap Wooden Futon Sets

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Cheap wooden futon sets aren’t really cheap at all! Many of these futon sets include high quality splinter free hardwoods, premium finishes, and long warrantees. We’ll talk about two of the most popular cheap wooden futon sets and show you how to make them your own.

Cheap Wooden Futon Sets: Mission

The Mission futon set is made from American grown Poplar hardwood and crafted into rock-solid futon frames in Athens, Georgia. The Mission futon qualifies as a cheap wooden futon frame, but the 5 year manufacturers warrantee and near damage-proof packaging say otherwise. Futon customers are generally very pleased with the Mission futon set, and many choose to personalize their Mission futon frame with paint or stain to match their decor.

If you don’t feel up to painting or staining your Mission futon frame, you’re in good company! Most futon customers choose to keep the natural unfinished look of their Mission futon frame, as the rustic Southwest feel is much more than you’de expect from a cheap wooden futon set.

Cheap Wooden Futon Sets: Eureka

The Eureka futon set offers you an armless space saving futon available in three premium finishes. The Eureka is covered by a 5 year warranty and adjusts to three comfortable positions: upright, recline, and bed. This cheap wooden futon frame offers you a design that fits perfectly into small guestrooms and dorm rooms. No matter which wood futon frame you choose, you’ll be the only one who knows how good of a deal you got on it!

Otis Haley Futon Mattress

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An Otis Haley futon mattress is specially designed to offer you optimal comfort while sitting or sleeping. Offered in three distinct firmnesses, each Otis Haley futon mattress contains a proprietary portion of high density foam and polyester that provides you with smooth and consistent support every night.

Which Otis Haley Futon Mattress is Right for You?

The Otis Haley futon mattress comes in three different variations. The Haley 150 futon mattress is one of the firmest futon mattresses on the market. So firm, that this futon mattress practically refuses to bend into a futon sofa shape. This wouldn’t faze a platform bed owner, but if you are planning to use a bi-fold futon frame, you’d be best served to scratch the Haley 150 off your list.

The Haley 110 is medium firm, and one of the best futon mattresses to be found anywhere. These futon mattresses feature over 14″ of high quality foam and polyester stuffed into an 8″ casing. Because of this, you should probably look into Otis’ Magi Grip to help hold your futon in place. Without it, you may be struggling with your Haley futon mattress for the first few weeks as it continually slides down your futon frame.

The Haley 90 futon mattress offers you the same durability thickness of the other Otis Haley futon mattresses with a softer feel for those who prefer a more cushion-like experience. The Haley 90 is often overlooked due to its deceptive name; it is every bit as comfortable and durable as its 110 and 150 brethren. No matter which Otis Haley futon mattress you choose, you can be sure that it will change your perception on the style and comfort of futon mattresses.

Brown Leather Futon Cover

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Brown Leather Futon Cover

Brown leather futon covers are in high demand this autumn. Much to the dismay of many, genuine leather futon covers are generally impossible to find. Futon Magazine would like to take the time to explain why leather makes a poor material for futon covers and to view a bevy of brown leather futon cover look-alikes.

Who makes Genuine Leather Futon Covers?

Currently, the only genuine leather product is a “patchwork” leather futon cover. These futon covers are sewn together from many small pieces of leather, most of them no larger than a sheet of loose leaf paper. Also, all of these leathers are split, corrected, and dyed, meaning that the high quality top grain look that most people associate with leather isn’t available. Furthermore, there are no brown leather futon covers available, only artificial shades of black, maroon, and green. This product is being carried less and less by futon manufacturers due to its expense, the general negative customer reaction, and the immense weight associated with a genuine leather futon cover.

The added weight of a leather futon cover, in addition to its relative rididity, makes it a poor choice for a futon cover. These two aspects make the futon heavier, harder to convert, and less comfortable to sleep on. Also, due to the poor quality of genuine leather futon covers, they retain body heat. This comes as a shock to futon customers who expect qualities similar to top grain leather. Furthermore, the non-breathable nature of a brown leather futon cover makes it very unhealthy for your futon mattress, which needs a certian level of circulation to avoid clumping together and developing pits and hard spots.

Leather Like Futon Covers

A far superior alternative to a genuine leather futon cover is a leather like futon cover. These amazing futon covers are generally made of vinyl and wipe clean from even the messiest stains. Unline genuine brown leather futon covers, a leather like futon cover needs no conditioning and is soft to the touch right out of the box, no break-in period required. Many of these leather-like futon covers will fool most, as their patterns flawlessly simulate corrected leather in appearance and texture. Visit your local futon store to learn more about faux brown leather futon covers!

Futons with Loft Beds

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Futons with Loft Beds

Many futon shoppers are looking for futons with loft beds, or futon bunk beds. This innovative approach to saving space in a child’s room actually performs as a regular futon bed with the added benefit of a twin size bunk bed.

This offers you child a comfy futon sofa that makes playtime a joy. Best of all, this piece of furniture appeals to children of all ages, as the sofa is a great place for watching movies and playing video games as well! The upper bunk serves as a refuge from the imaginative but messy playtime activities that occur in your child’s room on a daily basis.

Full Size Loft Futons

This futon with loft uses the same metal body and hinge found on standard futon frames.

Full size loft futons typically use the standard metal futon hinge found on bargain basement futons across the country. This means that most full size loft futons will suffer the same durability weaknesses that metal futon frames experience. Also, a relatively high percentage of these futons with loft beds are damaged in transit due to their large size and heavy weight. As such, many responsible futon retailers do not sell these frames to Internet customers.

Your best bet when selecting a futon bed with loft is to choose a local company that covers the bed with an exceptional warranty. This way you can ensure that the futon with loft bed will arrive to your home as expected and is guaranteed to last until your child is grown.

Buying a Sealy Futon Mattress

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Sealy futon mattresses are sold online under dozens of names and a myriad of configurations. Many of these futon mattresses use cotton batting in the surface layer, creating an entry level feel that may not be desirable. Our tips should help you make a decision on the best Sealy futon mattress for your money.

Comparing Sealy Futon Mattresses

The Sealy futon mattresses you are most likely to find in your local futon store or an online retailer are generally variations on a theme. The outer layers will consist of a cotton batting backed by a foam under layer. The remaining portion is usually composed of springs or foam. Tiny changes in composition allows most futon companies to list a half-dozen Sealy futon mattresses under a myriad of names that are essentially the same mattress.

Sealy futon mattresses offer you one of the rare instances where you will want to shop by thickness. Many of the licensed manufacturers overestimate the thickness of their futon mattresses, so be sure to call your futon retailer to confirm the actual size of the futon mattress. Futon owners have reported receiving “8 inch” Sealy futon mattresses that are barely 6″ thick in the center. If your futon retailer is hesitant to recommend their Sealy futon mattresses, it is likely because they are inferior to other futon mattresses at the same price point.

Some futon retailers feel obligated to offer their customers Sealy futon mattresses because of the strength of the brand and consumer awareness. Like any other important purchasing decision, be sure to open a line of communication with your futon retailer.

If you have an opportunity to try out a Sealy futon mattress in your local futon boutique, it may change the way you feel about Sealy futon mattresses as a brand. Because of this, some brick and mortar stores simply don’t display these futon mattresses on their sales floor. It is our specific recommendation that you try a Sealy futon mattress prior to buying one, or at least speak in length to a futon expert regarding the quality of their Sealy futon mattresses.

Best Futons - A Comprehensive List

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Searching for the best futons can be a difficult and daunting task. There are several factors that many customers encounter when searching for the best futon for their home. This blog will lead you in the right direction when it comes to the best futons.

Best Futon: Bifold Futon Frame

One of the best futons available when on a budget is the Bifold Futon Frame. This futon continues to be a popular futon due to its strength and uncanny features, such as several lounge positions. The Bifold consists of an Appalachian tulip poplar that is stronger than many other woods used, even on the best futons. These features and low cost is one of the many reasons why the Bifold continues to be of the best futons. It is also one of the best futons to assemble.

Best Futon: Eureka Futon Frame

The Eureka continually remains one of the best futons due to it simple, armless design. If you were looking for a futon that was similar to the Bifold, but with more class, the Eureka is for you. Many customers love the armless design, because it allows them to have a full size futon frame, yet still meet their spacial concerns. The attention to details and will remind you why the Eureka is one of the best futons available.

Best Futon: Manhattan Futon Frame

When I think of the best city in the world, I think Manhattan. When I think of one of the best futons in the world, I think of the Manhattan Futon Frame. This futon frame is one of the best futons when it comes to design and strength. The Manhattan futon is also apart of the August Lotz line of futons that won the Consumer Digest “Best Buy” award, just another reason why the Manhattan is one of the best futons.

Best Futon: Adriana Futon Frame

The Adriana futon frame is king when it comes to the best futons. The Adriana continues the tradition of wall-hugger futon frames, made famous by Strata Furniture, and is why Strata is considered to offer some of the best futons imaginable. This futon frame has a full finished back, meaning that this futon can be placed directly in the middle of the room without unsightly mechanisms in plain sight. The attention to detail and innovative features is the reason why Strata’s Adriana futon frame is one of the best futons in the industry.

This list of best futons should help aid your search when looking for the best futons available. Conduct your research well and don’t be frustrated, looking for the best futon for your home may take a while.

The Black Futon

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Black futons are probably the most popular choice for Americans looking for a multipurpose solution for their living spaces. If you are shopping for a black futon, you should be aware there are many differences to consider before you buy. Use this article to help you make the right choice and find the ideal black futon for your sitting and sleeping needs.

Not all black futons are a created the same. First of all, most black futons are made of metal instead of wood. While you might find that there are some black futons made of rubber wood or a similar material, most black futons available on the market are made of tubular metal.

Probably the most important thing to consider before you buy a black futon made of metal is how it is constructed. When judging the quality of a metal black futon, you should consider the following:

  • How thick is the metal?
  • How sturdy are the hinges?
  • What is the quality and accuracy of the welds?
  • How are the stretcher rails connected to the armrests?
  • How many tubular bars are there to support the mattress?
  • Are these support bars crimped on the ends where they connect to the deck framing?

Asking these questions of your futon dealer will help you from following thousands of other consumers who purchased black futons that were doomed to fail from the start.

Taking each bullet point, one by one, you should look to buy thicker metal futon frames over thinner gauge models. The exact thickness may be hard for you to gauge as a consumer. In general, however, a black futon frame made of metal should weight between 50-65lbs to be of premium quality. Any black futon that weighs less should be questioned to some degree. Of course, any metal frame that weighs more should likely be more solid. The important thing to keep in mind is that this is a general standard, but not the rule.

Always look for solid heavy duty hinges when purchasing a black metal futon frame. Checking the gauge of the hinge should not be too difficult. Another general rule of thumb (emphasis on “general rule of thumb”) is that the hinge should be roughly the thickness of a quarter. When possible, test the hinge by opening and closing the futon frame with the mattress intact. Converting a black futon frame made of metal can be vary in difficulty depending on the weight of the futon mattress.

However, the hinges should operate evenly. If one hinge seems to convert more quickly than the other, and the seat becomes somewhat skewed, you might suspect that lower quality hinges are in use.

Solid, even straight beads of welding should run the entire length of the two pieces of metal they are connecting. In some case you might see spot welds that connect the panels on the side of the arms. But in general, you should see very few spot welds. Many black futons often use cheaper welds and metal materials that often can result in metal fatigue and failure. While it might be difficult to tell, you can often guess that if budget tack welds are used, the black futon is very cheaply priced, you are more likely to experience catastrophic failures.

Stretcher rails should be connected with two bolts instead of one. Black futons that have only one bolt may have slot where the rail fits into. These futons should be avoided.

Decks that have many bars that are crimped on the ends to allow a longer weld are more desirable. Bars that are spaced 4-5 inches are considered to be better. The less bars you have on your black futon frame, the more likely a bar will fail. Equally problematic, a black futon that has too large a gap between the bars will likely cause more discomfort. On many futon mattresses, these gaps can be felt through to the surface.

The bottom line is that you get what you pay for. Always consider that cheaply priced black metal frames will likely be more prone to failure than those that are more moderately priced.

Finally, knowing a little bit about what to look for and ask about will make you a more savvy shopper and prevent you from making a poor investment in the black futon you are considering. Good luck!

Basic Futon Cover Options

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Futon shoppers are rather astounded when they first see how many possible futon cover designs, materials, sizes, and options are available from a variety of futon cover manufacturers. After picking out the cover that matches your frame and interior best, there are a few other options that are available from some futon cover manufacturers.

Piping or Welting on Futon Covers

Futon cover manufacturers such as SIS Covers, Cotton Belle Covers, and Lifestyle Covers all offer this option for futon covers.

Piping or welting, is a cording that borders the seams of futon covers to make an impressive pop to the fabric. Usually manufacturers use the same material as the rest of the futon cover to create the piping or welting.

If you are interested in receiving your futon cover sooner than later, piping may not be your best option. Most manufacturers provide meticulous detail when adding piping to a futon cover. Some futon covers with piping could take an extra two weeks to be shipped out because of this extra care added to a futon cover, so plan accordingly.

Matching or Contrasting Pillows

Many interior decorators believe that pillows add a warm, cushy feeling to any room. Adding pillows to your futon cover order is usually rather simple as most online dealers offer a simple drop-down menu to pick out your cover.

Pillows are available in a variety of sizes, but 20″, 24″, and 30″ square pillows are most common. Some manufacturers even provide bolsters that are round cylinders with your choice of fabric. You may even have options to add round pillows, fringes and buttons to match and coordinate with your futon cover and futon set. You should contact your futon dealer to discuss these options.

The internal content of the pillow also can be changed to create specific levels of comfort. Some manufacturers offer soft cotton, polyester and even feather pillow fill options.

To match your futon cover even more, pillows are also available with piping.

Extra Loft

Extra loft is not necessary for all futon covers. Some futon mattresses are 10 inches or thicker, especially those made by Otis. These mattresses require what the industry calls, extra loft. If your futon mattress, or the futon mattress that you plan on purchasing is between 10 inches or thick, be sure to choose extra loft when you order your futon cover.

Loft is the measurement on the side of a futon mattress or futon cover. Standard loft on a futon cover is 6″, and this fits futon mattresses up to 9″. Extra loft is 7″ and will fit thicker futon mattresses perfectly.

Your Futon Cover

Now that you have all the necessary information on options for your futon cover, you can make the right choice to create the design and theme that you are going for.

For more information about futon covers:

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