Brown Leather Futon Cover

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Brown Leather Futon Cover

Brown leather futon covers are in high demand this autumn. Much to the dismay of many, genuine leather futon covers are generally impossible to find. Futon Magazine would like to take the time to explain why leather makes a poor material for futon covers and to view a bevy of brown leather futon cover look-alikes.

Who makes Genuine Leather Futon Covers?

Currently, the only genuine leather product is a “patchwork” leather futon cover. These futon covers are sewn together from many small pieces of leather, most of them no larger than a sheet of loose leaf paper. Also, all of these leathers are split, corrected, and dyed, meaning that the high quality top grain look that most people associate with leather isn’t available. Furthermore, there are no brown leather futon covers available, only artificial shades of black, maroon, and green. This product is being carried less and less by futon manufacturers due to its expense, the general negative customer reaction, and the immense weight associated with a genuine leather futon cover.

The added weight of a leather futon cover, in addition to its relative rididity, makes it a poor choice for a futon cover. These two aspects make the futon heavier, harder to convert, and less comfortable to sleep on. Also, due to the poor quality of genuine leather futon covers, they retain body heat. This comes as a shock to futon customers who expect qualities similar to top grain leather. Furthermore, the non-breathable nature of a brown leather futon cover makes it very unhealthy for your futon mattress, which needs a certian level of circulation to avoid clumping together and developing pits and hard spots.

Leather Like Futon Covers

A far superior alternative to a genuine leather futon cover is a leather like futon cover. These amazing futon covers are generally made of vinyl and wipe clean from even the messiest stains. Unline genuine brown leather futon covers, a leather like futon cover needs no conditioning and is soft to the touch right out of the box, no break-in period required. Many of these leather-like futon covers will fool most, as their patterns flawlessly simulate corrected leather in appearance and texture. Visit your local futon store to learn more about faux brown leather futon covers!

Basic Futon Cover Options

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Futon shoppers are rather astounded when they first see how many possible futon cover designs, materials, sizes, and options are available from a variety of futon cover manufacturers. After picking out the cover that matches your frame and interior best, there are a few other options that are available from some futon cover manufacturers.

Piping or Welting on Futon Covers

Futon cover manufacturers such as SIS Covers, Cotton Belle Covers, and Lifestyle Covers all offer this option for futon covers.

Piping or welting, is a cording that borders the seams of futon covers to make an impressive pop to the fabric. Usually manufacturers use the same material as the rest of the futon cover to create the piping or welting.

If you are interested in receiving your futon cover sooner than later, piping may not be your best option. Most manufacturers provide meticulous detail when adding piping to a futon cover. Some futon covers with piping could take an extra two weeks to be shipped out because of this extra care added to a futon cover, so plan accordingly.

Matching or Contrasting Pillows

Many interior decorators believe that pillows add a warm, cushy feeling to any room. Adding pillows to your futon cover order is usually rather simple as most online dealers offer a simple drop-down menu to pick out your cover.

Pillows are available in a variety of sizes, but 20″, 24″, and 30″ square pillows are most common. Some manufacturers even provide bolsters that are round cylinders with your choice of fabric. You may even have options to add round pillows, fringes and buttons to match and coordinate with your futon cover and futon set. You should contact your futon dealer to discuss these options.

The internal content of the pillow also can be changed to create specific levels of comfort. Some manufacturers offer soft cotton, polyester and even feather pillow fill options.

To match your futon cover even more, pillows are also available with piping.

Extra Loft

Extra loft is not necessary for all futon covers. Some futon mattresses are 10 inches or thicker, especially those made by Otis. These mattresses require what the industry calls, extra loft. If your futon mattress, or the futon mattress that you plan on purchasing is between 10 inches or thick, be sure to choose extra loft when you order your futon cover.

Loft is the measurement on the side of a futon mattress or futon cover. Standard loft on a futon cover is 6″, and this fits futon mattresses up to 9″. Extra loft is 7″ and will fit thicker futon mattresses perfectly.

Your Futon Cover

Now that you have all the necessary information on options for your futon cover, you can make the right choice to create the design and theme that you are going for.

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