Futons withstand economic downturn through 2010

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Thanks to new innovations in futons and futon technology, there are many new styles available that shoppers will be interested in learning about. Some of the latest futons to hit the market include new models made by Strata Furniture. Strata makes futons which have special wall hugging features that do not require their futons to be moved a significant distance from the wall.

These types of futons are ideal for those using their futons daily as well as others who prefer ease and quality over budget. Futons made by Strata do not require you to slide your futon along the floor and away from the wall each time you want to convert your futon into a bed. Instead, the utilize a brilliant design that allows their futons to be extended outward while keeping the legs of the futon stationary.

Other exciting models have continued to stand the test of time regarding fashion. One example comes from a reputable company that has been in business for some time. Night and Day Furniture, a company based in Vancouver, Washington, makes a truly unique two-toned futon called the Aurora. Other pleasing futons in their line include the Twilight, the Nightfall futon and the Orchid futons.

A giant among futon manufacturers, Lifestyle Solutions provides tremendous variety and solid quality throughout their various price points. Their futons include innovative models such as the Dio futon, the Manila futonand the Kobe futon.

As the economy continues to adjust, hopefully pulling itself up by its bootstraps, there will likely be a slew of new futon designs to hit the market. In the meantime, futons continue to be a logical choice for those who need multi-purpose furniture. One reputable dealer of futons claims that 35% of their in-store futon sales are made by those putting their futons in family rooms, another 35% go into guest rooms, 25% go into bedrooms, and the remaining percentage of futons sold occupy other spaces within the home or office.

“We’ve seen huge fluctuations in business over the past couple of years,” says Gabe LeBlanc of Futon Planet. “Still, futons are great products that occupy an important niche, and while people have smaller budgets, they are still finding futons to suite their needs at a price they can afford.”

Cheap Wooden Futon Sets

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Cheap wooden futon sets aren’t really cheap at all! Many of these futon sets include high quality splinter free hardwoods, premium finishes, and long warrantees. We’ll talk about two of the most popular cheap wooden futon sets and show you how to make them your own.

Cheap Wooden Futon Sets: Mission

The Mission futon set is made from American grown Poplar hardwood and crafted into rock-solid futon frames in Athens, Georgia. The Mission futon qualifies as a cheap wooden futon frame, but the 5 year manufacturers warrantee and near damage-proof packaging say otherwise. Futon customers are generally very pleased with the Mission futon set, and many choose to personalize their Mission futon frame with paint or stain to match their decor.

If you don’t feel up to painting or staining your Mission futon frame, you’re in good company! Most futon customers choose to keep the natural unfinished look of their Mission futon frame, as the rustic Southwest feel is much more than you’de expect from a cheap wooden futon set.

Cheap Wooden Futon Sets: Eureka

The Eureka futon set offers you an armless space saving futon available in three premium finishes. The Eureka is covered by a 5 year warranty and adjusts to three comfortable positions: upright, recline, and bed. This cheap wooden futon frame offers you a design that fits perfectly into small guestrooms and dorm rooms. No matter which wood futon frame you choose, you’ll be the only one who knows how good of a deal you got on it!

Futons with Loft Beds

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Futons with Loft Beds

Many futon shoppers are looking for futons with loft beds, or futon bunk beds. This innovative approach to saving space in a child’s room actually performs as a regular futon bed with the added benefit of a twin size bunk bed.

This offers you child a comfy futon sofa that makes playtime a joy. Best of all, this piece of furniture appeals to children of all ages, as the sofa is a great place for watching movies and playing video games as well! The upper bunk serves as a refuge from the imaginative but messy playtime activities that occur in your child’s room on a daily basis.

Full Size Loft Futons

This futon with loft uses the same metal body and hinge found on standard futon frames.

Full size loft futons typically use the standard metal futon hinge found on bargain basement futons across the country. This means that most full size loft futons will suffer the same durability weaknesses that metal futon frames experience. Also, a relatively high percentage of these futons with loft beds are damaged in transit due to their large size and heavy weight. As such, many responsible futon retailers do not sell these frames to Internet customers.

Your best bet when selecting a futon bed with loft is to choose a local company that covers the bed with an exceptional warranty. This way you can ensure that the futon with loft bed will arrive to your home as expected and is guaranteed to last until your child is grown.