Otis Haley Futon Mattress

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An Otis Haley futon mattress is specially designed to offer you optimal comfort while sitting or sleeping. Offered in three distinct firmnesses, each Otis Haley futon mattress contains a proprietary portion of high density foam and polyester that provides you with smooth and consistent support every night.

Which Otis Haley Futon Mattress is Right for You?

The Otis Haley futon mattress comes in three different variations. The Haley 150 futon mattress is one of the firmest futon mattresses on the market. So firm, that this futon mattress practically refuses to bend into a futon sofa shape. This wouldn’t faze a platform bed owner, but if you are planning to use a bi-fold futon frame, you’d be best served to scratch the Haley 150 off your list.

The Haley 110 is medium firm, and one of the best futon mattresses to be found anywhere. These futon mattresses feature over 14″ of high quality foam and polyester stuffed into an 8″ casing. Because of this, you should probably look into Otis’ Magi Grip to help hold your futon in place. Without it, you may be struggling with your Haley futon mattress for the first few weeks as it continually slides down your futon frame.

The Haley 90 futon mattress offers you the same durability thickness of the other Otis Haley futon mattresses with a softer feel for those who prefer a more cushion-like experience. The Haley 90 is often overlooked due to its deceptive name; it is every bit as comfortable and durable as its 110 and 150 brethren. No matter which Otis Haley futon mattress you choose, you can be sure that it will change your perception on the style and comfort of futon mattresses.

Buying a Sealy Futon Mattress

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Sealy futon mattresses are sold online under dozens of names and a myriad of configurations. Many of these futon mattresses use cotton batting in the surface layer, creating an entry level feel that may not be desirable. Our tips should help you make a decision on the best Sealy futon mattress for your money.

Comparing Sealy Futon Mattresses

The Sealy futon mattresses you are most likely to find in your local futon store or an online retailer are generally variations on a theme. The outer layers will consist of a cotton batting backed by a foam under layer. The remaining portion is usually composed of springs or foam. Tiny changes in composition allows most futon companies to list a half-dozen Sealy futon mattresses under a myriad of names that are essentially the same mattress.

Sealy futon mattresses offer you one of the rare instances where you will want to shop by thickness. Many of the licensed manufacturers overestimate the thickness of their futon mattresses, so be sure to call your futon retailer to confirm the actual size of the futon mattress. Futon owners have reported receiving “8 inch” Sealy futon mattresses that are barely 6″ thick in the center. If your futon retailer is hesitant to recommend their Sealy futon mattresses, it is likely because they are inferior to other futon mattresses at the same price point.

Some futon retailers feel obligated to offer their customers Sealy futon mattresses because of the strength of the brand and consumer awareness. Like any other important purchasing decision, be sure to open a line of communication with your futon retailer.

If you have an opportunity to try out a Sealy futon mattress in your local futon boutique, it may change the way you feel about Sealy futon mattresses as a brand. Because of this, some brick and mortar stores simply don’t display these futon mattresses on their sales floor. It is our specific recommendation that you try a Sealy futon mattress prior to buying one, or at least speak in length to a futon expert regarding the quality of their Sealy futon mattresses.