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Futon Magazine offers long and short term advertising plans to retailers and manufacturer’s looking for greater public exposure. While Futon Magazine offers a lot of in-depth information to those from within the futon industry, our main target audience is the general public and our focus is on topics that are relevant to people shopping for futon products. Advertising with Futon Magazine can help to deliver your message and make buyers aware of your products and services leading to sales and increased revenue.

Advertise with Futon Magazine today by picking one of our several advertising options listed below:

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Futon Directory Sponsored Listings

  • Premium Sponsored Listing — Places your company at the top of the list in our online directory, with bolded text, colored background and hyperlink to your website: $99.95 Annually
  • Sponsored Listing — Adds bolded text, a colored background to your listing and a hyperlink to your website: $49.95 Annually
  • Standard Listing — Includes your company name, address and phone number: FREE

Press Release

We offer you the opportunity to submit news and press releases about your organization. Submit your press release to our editorial staff for approval. Hyper-linked press releases have special rates. If you want our staff to create the press release for you, please submit a general outline and we will prepare a rough draft for $45 and will publish this press release for an additional $129.95 with a maximum of two edits before publication.

Submit your own press release for the following rates:

  • Standard Press Release — Up to 300 words: $25*
  • Premium Press Release — Up to 1000 words: $45*
  • Hyperlink — $99.95 per hyperlink*

* All submissions will be reviewed and edited by our staff to ensure the press releases meet our requirements and standards. We reserve the right to reject any submission. All submissions must be prepaid and are non-refundable. Please take the time to write a qualitative press release to avoid the costs of resubmission.

Banner Ads

Get a FREE Premium Listing in our directory with either of our first two rotating banners listed below when you purchase a banner ad for 6 consecutive months or longer (a $99.95 value). Banner ads give you the opportunity to gain maximum exposure. We will create the ad for you if you prefer. All banner ads must pass our review process and must pass our design requirements.

  • 300 x 500 pixels — Rotating Poster Ad: $950.00/mo (maximum of 2 ad spaces)
  • 400 x 65 pixels — Rotating Masthead Banner Ad: $650/mo (maximum of 5 ad spaces)
  • 110 x 60 pixels — Spot Ad: $250/mo (maximum of 10 ad spaces)

Long Term Discounts:

  • 3 month consecutive (or more) — Save 10%
  • 6 month consecutive (or more) — Save 20%
  • 12 month consecutive (maximum duration) — Save 40%

For more information about our advertising programs click here.