New Convert-A-Couch Collection from Handy Living

September 23, 2008 by FM 

You may be familiar with the Convert-A-Couch collection from Handy Living that turned the world of sleeper sofas upside down. These ultra popular sofas are actually futons due to their removable mattress and hinged operation. Recently featured as a Best Buy from Consumer’s Digest Magazine, the convert-a-couch has been a favorite at Futon Magazine. While we strive to be as neutral as possible in all of our articles, we simply can’t come up with much to say against the quality and comfort of a Convert-A-Couch. The new Siesta line promises to deliver the same comfort in new styles.

Siesta Convert-A-Couch Collection

Madrid Casual Convertible by Handy Living

The Siesta Convert-A-Couch collection by Handy Living features 5 innovative “sofas” that lay down to a comfy full size bed. The first of these futons in disguise that caught our eye was the sleek Cancun Convert-A-Couch. The Cancun features slim, sleek, contemporary lines and an attractive over-scaled cushion design. The Cabo Convert-A-Couch offers a similar style with a more modern tufted cushion design. If you crave something a bit more transitional, the Baja Convert-A-Couch adds a slight sleigh curvature to the arms that contrasts the busy cushion tufting.

Looking for something even more traditional, the La Paz offers large scale cushions and classic curved arms while the Madrid ads fluffy, comfy, pillow-top armrests. This is good news for those of you who enjoyed the now-discontinued Fusion and Melody Convert-A-Couches (the Jazz Convert-A-Couch is also discontinued, if you’re keeping score).

It’s very noticeable that the original Convert-A-Couch has been phased out of production, save a few models. It’s only speculation on our part, but we’re willing to bet it has to do with the popular response and loads of feedback, positive and negative, that Handy Living has received for its original designs. It has been said that many of these changes will address shipping size and packaging, as these generally ship in oversize boxes that rarely see care from shipping companies.

How does a Convert-A-Couch Work?

Convert-A-Couches use a premium innerspring mattress that is split between two cover sections. This split is difficult to notice when used as a bed, so we wouldn’t lose sleep over it. The conversion process is simple to do and gravity assisted. To lay it down as a bed, simply lift the front cushion section to lay down the back and unlock the hinge, allowing it to lay flat. To put it back up, simply perform the same motion again to re-engage the hinge. A “handy” space below the convert-a-couch allows for the storage of seldom-used items, or seasonal decor. We personally think its a good home for your sprawling DVD collection.

Beyond the basic utility, the Convert-A-Couch offers you a soft sitting and sleeping experience that rivals high end mattresses. At a price that equals what you’d pay for a mid-grade futon and frame, the Convert-A-Couch is a great occasional sleep solution for houses across the country.


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