Three Smart Questions to Ask Your Futon Dealer

August 5, 2008 by FM 

Asking some basic questions of your online futon dealer means getting on the phone. This is one reason Futon Magazine advocates ensuring your futon dealer is accessible by phone. While the following recommended questions to ask your futon dealer form a general basis, you should ask as many questions as you can. The more things you ask the more likely you will be happy with your purchase.

Searching Reputations with Google

Before delving into the suggested questions, look for signs of reputability like Better Business Logo’s, Visa Logos, Privacy and Security Policies, Terms and Conditions, contact information. However, not every logo should readily be trusted. A great tip is to search for the dealer by name. For example, a Google search of the large advertiser Mercantila shows a link to a slew of dissatisfied customers. For example, Brad writes this about Mercantila saying:

I will start by saying this is the worst online shopping experience I have ever had. Now this is saying something. I have been shopping online extensively since 1998 when I first bought tickets off of Ticketmaster. I have bought from probably over 100 different online-only merchants these past ten years, many (if not most) being “gray market” or seemingly “fly by night” operations. I have never been burned.

Another customer writes about Mercantila, “Horrendous experience! I find it hard to believe they are a web-based merchant…” This customer writes “DO NOT buy from them at any COST. ” Reading through the list you will find dozens of negative customer experiences that make it seem like Mercantila is likely a company to avoid for futon purchasing.

Dig deeper by checking the Better Business Bureau at to see what they have to say about a retailer your are considering to give your business. In some cases, it might be better to shy away from buying from bulk companies doing business from countries like Asia and India. Doing business with a domestically based futon company will often yield a better opportunity to get your money back or get helpful status reports.

Three Smart Questions

  1. How long have you been in business selling futons?
  2. When can I expect delivery AND how can I track my order?
  3. What is your return policy if I am unhappy or dissatisfied?

Most companies will have honest answers to these questions. Further probing will give you a better sense of the futon dealer’s mastery of their products and will give you an idea of how safe you think it is to do business with them. Keep in mind that most companies who offer free shipping, will expect some type of reimbursement should you decide to return your futon.


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