Top Ten Futon Retailers of 2008

August 5, 2008 by FM 

Top 10 Futon Companies

This special August Edition reviews America’s top ten futon companies. For 2008 the top ten futon companies include:

  1. Futon Planet
  2. CSN Futons
  3. Futons Etc Factory Outlet
  4. Ellens Futons
  5. Futon Creations
  6. FutonsNow
  7. Affordable Futons
  8. theFutonShop
  9. Today’s Futons
  10. Futon Street

Futon PlanetFuton Planet is one of the original online futon stores and offers one of the most diverse selections of futon products. One of the most immediate reasons for including Futon Planet in the top ten list is their reluctance to carry anything but the top tier quality of futon frames and mattresses. Where other online futon retailers opt to include some of lower grade products, Futon Planet not only offers premium grade, but sells their futon products at extremely low prices. Widely respected for their excellence in customer service, Futon Planet is definitely a safe place to shop.

CSN Futons

Csn FutonsClean and presentable, CSN Futons gets high marks for usability. Similarly to Futon Planet, CSN Futons offers a solid selection for futon products. While CSN does dabble in some of the lower quality futon products, we hate to see, their prices are honest and fair. Like Futon Planet, CSN Futons offers a toll free 800 number near the top of their page. Unlike Futon Planet, they do not offer online chat. While Futon Planet does offer a very powerful search tool, CSN seems to be just ahead by combining a manufacturers’ drop down list in their onboard search feature.


Futons EtcIts surprisingly simple and easy-to-use web design makes Futons Etc Factory Outlet one of the most fun websites to shop in our top ten. Offering some of the best prices on premium grade futon products, Futons Etc Factory Outlet seems to follow Futon Planet’s lead in quality standards. With a reputation for customer service, Futons Etc Factory Outlet is well worth your consideration. Out of the top three, Futons Etc Factory Outlet is perhaps the most straight forward and no-nonsense.

Ellens Futons

Ellens FutonsWith nearly ten storefronts in the Maryland-DC-Northern Virginia area, Ellens offers top quality futon frames to the general public. While not a direct online dealer, Ellens is well worth shopping from if you are in the greater Washington, DC area.

Futon Creations

Futon CreationsAnother of the original futon websites, Futon Creations is both easy to use and a friendly website to shop. Unlike other top futon dealers like Futon Planet, Futons Etc Factory Outlet, and CSN, Futon Creations is missing an posted telephone number opting for email correspondence only, which is why it is not at the top of the list.

Futons Now

Futons NowLess prominent than it once was, Futons Now was a trend setting in futon shopping usability. Bare bones and no frills, Futons Now is still an excellent place to shop. With a prominent toll free number at the top, Futons Now joins the more reputable futon dealers and earns high marks.

Affordable Futons

Affordable FutonsFrom NetShops, Affordable Futons calls themselves “the futon experts” in the futon industry. With a clean and remarkably easy website to use, it is easy to recognize their attention to quality web design as well. Offering decent quality on the low end, Affordable Futons also offers Bill Me Later which can come in handy for those who prefer to buy now and pay later. While they do not make a point to make their phone number standout, a little scanning will reveal it (located at the bottom right at the time of this writing).

The Futon Shop

The Futon ShopAnother prominent website, The Futon Shop offers competitive pricing and a wide selection. Sporting links to the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and the Sustainable Furniture Council, The Futon Shop seems poised for progressive thinking. Their toll free number is located near the top search field which is logical and easy to find.

Today’s Futons

Todays FutonsWith big bold colors, a straight forward navigation, and plenty of selection, Today’s Futons has all the punches the big boys have. While they offer several lower standard futon products, they do have readily available contact information and free shipping.


WebFutonWebFuton uses a simple layout and straightforward information to help you find the right futon. Like other winning futon websites, WebFuton offers free shipping and has a toll-free number to call. WebFuton advertises a European and American made futon collection that looks identical to many futons offered by other futon websites.

Futon Street

Futon StreetPart of IVG Stores, Futon Street has an elegant and logical layout, allowing shoppers to easily find the futon in their price ranges. Free shipping, an 800 number, and customer product ratings are all something worth considering when looking for futons and Futon Street offers all of these important features and more.


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